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----Sympathy and Funeral Flowers Guide----

Understanding the difference between a Funeral and Memorial Service

A Funeral Service is traditionally a gathering that occurs at a Funeral home location or in a church where the deceased will be present often in a casket.  Occasssionaly a Funeral Service will start at a grave site at the cemetery the deceased will be laid to rest. 

A Memorial Service (or Rememberence) is a gathering where people come together to celebrate one's life after their passing and often will have their ashes present in a decorative urn piece.  Many Memorials are celebrated in a church, event hall, or a home. 

sympathy middle bouquet image

What is appropriate to send for the gathering or for a sympathy?

Most of the pieces we create can be appropriate to send to either a Funeral Service or Memorial Service or the home.  There are a few guidelines.

 -Pieces designated to be placed on or in the casket or designed to surround an urn are often coordinated with a family member who is organzing the gathering. 

-Beautiful standing sprays, wreaths and other floral on easels are designed to display a lot of floral at Funeral Services and/or Memorials.  They are not often sent to a home.

-Floral baskets, plant baskets, orchid gardens and all other vased floral arrangements can be sent to either a service or the home.  Many of the pot and basket arrangements are perfect for placing at the foot of a casket, beneath alters, steps and/or below standing easel sprays and wreaths.

Call us for additonal information or questions and we would be glad to help you select something appropriate.